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Hello, I have received my "Crematogaster scutellaris" colony. It has perfectly supported the trip. I didn't expect to receive a queen with so many workers and brood. That pleasantly surprised me. Many thanks again!



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Fourmiculture® Artemis Model 2

An innovative Ant Habitat which style is inspired by the beauty of nature.

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We drew Artémis to present its technical qualities with elegance. Created to achieve the keeping and observation of an ant colony on the long run thanks to trusted technologies, it displays a sophisticated design, which has become the consecration of our work.


An eye-pleasing spectacle.

Between its crystal-clear Plexiglas surface to reveal the life of an ant colony and its top-level hand finishing, Artémis valorizes your passion for ants and ensures finely adapted living conditions to its inhabitants.

Whereas robotic cutting ensures a neat cut of the satin Plexiglas, the foraging arena is made in one piece of aluminum and is integrated under the habitat. The workmanship and hand-made finishing gives Artémis a very natural grace.


Its maple-leaf shape and numerous details, both aesthetical and technical, received all our attention during its conception, manufacturing and experimenting over half a decade.


Messor barbarus ants sold separately.


Natural rooms, safe environment.

Spacious and comfortably high, the rooms allow large colonies and big species (up to 16mm long) to settle with ease. The smallest will also feel welcome.

The use of safe materials that are both time and humidity resistant gives Artémis the chance to follow the evolution of your colony over several years.


In order to optimize the use of space, we drew central tunnels leading to the rooms, like in natural ant nests. A mineral layer is casted inside the rooms for an effective management of humidity. It ensures a natural support for ants and a good bacteriological equilibrium. The nest remains sound on the long run and ants develop in optimal conditions. The material is based on natural stone and is extremely smooth, absorbent and resistant.


An effective humidification system.

Placed at the front of the Ant Nest, it is made of a large foam humidifier in which to inject water. Humidity is absorbed by the mineral-coated rooms and makes the main room humid as well as an area around it. Therefore, ants can choose the humidity level they need and in which part to carry on their activities.

Artémis adapts to almost any species. For those with very special needs like Myrmica rubra, a modification can be made for free on request.


The humidity level is easy to watch thanks to the darker tint of the humid rooms. This absorbent mineral layer also gives Artémis a long range : it reaches 3 weeks.


 Thermometer compatible     Escape-proof foraging arena   Mineral coated rooms

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A well thought out foraging arena.

In order to feed your ants, Artémis is equipped with a convenient rectangular foraging arena, made of aluminum composite in one piece. It is accessible with a laser-engraved and ventilated lid, built-in the nest for an absolute safety.

The foraging arena allows the ants to find food and pursue their explorations in the outer world. A unique hand-made décor is composed for every Artémis, inspired by nature.

An access ramp is placed below the Ant Nest and connects the central hole in the rooms to the foraging arena.


The high walls of Artémis's foraging arena prevents ants from climbing, even without the lid, thanks to two technologies that we offer :


1/ Included : a layer of talcum powder is applied before shipping. It can last for several weeks or months depending on the size of the colony and be renewed with a brush.

2/ In the options : Glass strips that are hand-cut with an extreme precision, polished and glued on the walls. At last, they receive a hard-wearing non-stick coating to discourage ants from climbing. However, it is sensitive to dust and humidity.

Willing to offer a third solution to extend the environment of the ants and facilitate their keeping, we designed external foraging arenas that we called Observation Spaces. They connect to the nest with a pipe and offer new observations possibilities. Our non-stick coating is applied under the frame that covers the Space, protected from dust and humidity, for an absolute effectiveness that can last a whole life.


5 Liaison holes for extensive possibilities.

With 2 holes going into the rooms and 3 holes on the sides of the foraging arena, it is possible to connect any accessory you want, on the side you prefer. Many possibilities are brought by this system. For example :

- Connecting a larger foraging arena at the back of the nest.

- Stress-free installation of the ants using the holes leading directly to the rooms.

- Inserting the probe of a thermometer for a precise reading.

- Connecting a second ant nest to the first one using one of the remaining holes.


Thereby, it is easy to extend the environment of the ants if Artémis is fully colonized, even though ants naturally adapt to the available space. At any time, adding an Observation Space is easy and makes new discoveries possible.


Durable et advantageous.

Artémis is simply bolted and can be taken apart. The foraging arena is easy to access to for cleansing. We offer spare parts (lid, glass) and a refurbishment service for less than a fourth if its price if you want to restore all of its shine after a few years. 

Wishing to ensure that the Artemis surpasses your expectations, it receives a meticulous attention before leaving our workshop located in the French Alps.


Satisfied or refunded :

After 30 days of test in actual condition, if you weren't fully satisfied, send this product back to us for a refund! (see conditions) !



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Dimensions of the Artémis Ant Habitat :

  • 25x26cm (657cm²) - enough for several thousant workers.

  • Height of the rooms : Up to 1cm, adapted to Messor and all species measuring less than 16mm long.

Manufacturing method :

  • Robotic cutting and hand-finishing.

  • Designed by Fourmiculture and made in France.


Materials :

  • Upper sheet in laser-cut transparent Plexiglas®, clearer than glass, 30 years-guaranteed against yellowing,

  • Galleries in 6H07DC SatinIce Plexiglas®,

  •   Reconstituated stone,
  •   Aluminum composite.